Dilan Anuruddha H.M.

Dilan Anuruddha H.M.

Dilan Anuruddha H.M.



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My name is Dilan. I’m from Sri Lanka. I’m living in London. I work as a fashion model and a development chef. I love to express myself through the clothes I wear. My passion is to inspire many humans as possible with what I do. I wanted to become the best version of myself & deeply want to stop child labour & abuse. Because at one point in my life I got abused as a child.

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I was born into a middle-class family in Sri Lanka. I have 2 brothers. I’m the eldest. As a kid I haven’t had many opportunities. I wasn’t the best kid in the school. Got bullied since I was in middle school. As a result I stopped expressing myself. After my A/L I got an opportunity to come to the UK. But the struggle isn’t over. After 4 months living in the UK I was homeless for about 8 months. But I wasn’t ready to give up. Because I knew I had got something greater than me. I do so many jobs to survive. Then I got a chance to become a model. I appreciate and thankful every opportunity & all the experience life throws at me. Without them I will never become who I am today.

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