Swimsuit and fitness model magazine and business investor and partner in wine company and real estate

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@Diamondjetsetterking and @Miamiqueen1612

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Miami Beach, FL, USA


Italian born and raised fluent in English French Spanish , starting modeling for swimsuit and lingerie in Milan Italy then met the man of my life (now Ex) super wealthy businessman that spoiled so much to allow me to have and live the presence of a celebrity without being famous travelling top class living in the best suites hotel from Italy to the US , moved to Miami Beach I own 3 apts And sold and live in luxury buildings , private driver , bodyguards, jewelries, private jet and first class flights best jet-set celebrity lifestyle and my dog diamond living same lifestyle with me from 4 years and I am a professional runner of marathons half marathons 10k 5k several medals and love to swim fit super toned body we would love to find a sponsor to get us famous on social media me and my baby dog diamondjetsetterking

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My life has always been beautiful

And coming from wealthy family starting modeling in Milan Italy then moved to Miami my dream was to become famous do my own brand of bottle of champagne or vodka or have my own reality show since living unique lifestyle and I started Instagram for my dog with me to get seen and someone can make us superstars

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Photos from iconic magazine land from Halloween parties in NYC at playboy club and in Miami Beach private parties and events