Deanna Mason

"I aspire to truly help others because it is such a fulfilling energy. This is something that I have done for the past four years and have progressed in the field."


Name: Deanna Mason

Location: Jersey City, NJ USA



Profession: Creative Director

Email Address:

About: Miss Fashion Week Jersey City is a partner of the company Miss Fashion Week based in Texas and has been established for three years. Miss Fashion Week Jersey City has been active since January 2017, and we have flourished through the past few months. We are a national and international model competition being the first to merge pageantry and modelling together!

Our audition season runs from January to July. We are open to all diversities and body types. The competing categories are Runway, Plus and Petite, giving all emerging and established models the chance to compete where they feel comfortable. Runner Ups are chosen from each audition winning the title Miss Fashion Week Jersey City Runway, Plus or Petite Runner Up.

After audition season, all runner ups will start to prepare for the Miss Fashion Week Jersey City Annual Finale Event. This event is held in September and is full of fashion, entertainment, models, industry people and more! At this years finale event, we will have 5 Petite, 5 Runway and 5 Plus Runner Ups to compete in the following categories; Runway, Swimwear, All White and High Fashion. 

Our runway portion will be styled by Stevie Boi, an NYC designer who is currently on his book tour and have shown at numerous NYFW fashion shows. We have a performer, Johrell, who has written the theme song for Power on STARZ, will be performing is single "All White" for our all white category. Our High Fashion category will be sponsored by NYC designer Adrian Alicea, who was the creative director for this past STYLE Fashion Week in LA. 

Amongst many other surprises, we will be crowning our three finalists; Miss Fashion Week Jersey City Plus, Petite, Runway 2018 at the end of the night. Our three finalist will be travelling to Miami, FL in December to compete for the national title against all USA and International Runner Ups. The final winner; Miss Fashion Week Universe 2018 will receive a cash prize of $5000, NYFW appearances, photo shoots and more!

Tell us something about yourself. What you do, passion and aspiration in life?: My passion is up most FASHION, ART and BEAUTY. I love all aspects off the industry and how it can evolve itself differently every day. I started out designing my own line Keona Designs, which was started out of a passion for drawing. I loved fashion illustrations so much that I started to teach myself how to draw and eventually create clothing. Besides fashion, one of my greatest accomplishments has been working with adults and children with disabilities. I aspire to truly help others because it is such a fulfilling energy. This is something that I have done for the past four years and have progressed in the field.

Who is your inspiration in life? How do you keep inspired?: The inspiration in my life truly comes from the people who surround me. From working with individuals with disabilities to working with models, I find a since of inspiration from all areas of my career. The children and adults truly keep me happy because, despite their inabilities, they find a way to smile still and have an infectious personality. 

When working with models, their drive really inspires me. It inspires me because especially working with emerging models; they have such a passion to show their talent. The way they express their creativity will only make you more creative and open your mind to new advantages.

Photo Credits: @missfashionweekjerseycity