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David J. Fulde is a multidisciplinary visual artist - by day he is a colourist and online editor in the film industry, and at night he works as a portrait and fashion photographer serving all over the Toronto Area. David learned of his love for photography while growing up in small-town Nova Scotia - finding his late father's old film camera locked away in a closet - After getting into the box and discovering a camera inside, he knew he had to learn. 

Ever since then David knew he wanted to work with pictures, taking them, tweaking them - stills and motion. After living in Halifax for a few years, honing his skills in imagery within the film industry, he has moved to Toronto to venture into new territory and allow himself to make the best images he can.

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Our readers would love to get to know you more David. Tell us about yourself, what is unique about you?

What's unique about me is my drive to create. Ever since I was a child I strived to make art. Over the years I've found that the lens is the best medium for me. I try to see things others don't. I feel that people nowadays are afraid to experiment. They find a 'look' that gets them lots of attention on Instagram and latch onto it. I don't care about that stuff as much, photography is about growth, for me, to learn and change and create something awesome. If you're not challenging yourself - what's the point?

David, what are your passion and aspiration in life? How did you start as a Photographer?

My passion is to create. I want to be able to make beautiful images and help others do that same. Whether that's a client relationship or just by making something that inspires someone else to create. 

I started as a photographer when I found my dead father's old camera hidden away in a closet. A Pentax ME super - I didn't use it that much at the time but ever since then I've always come back to photography and creating images

Who is your inspiration in life David? How do you keep inspired?

I pull my references from everywhere, folk art from the east coast of Canada where I grew up, TV, Movies, magazines etc. You never know what might inspire you - even years down the line. I absorb as much media as I can to learn what other's are doing - and then mash it all together into something that is wholly my own. We stand on the shoulders of giants - you know?

We all make mistakes David, we wish we could take back. Please tell us about a time being a Photographer, you wish you’d handled a situation differently with a colleague.
Probably the time(s) I bit off more than I could chew - it would have been better for me to just... relax, take a breath, and admit I couldn't do what they were asking instead of delivering a subpar product

David, when you’re working with a large number of clients, it’s tricky to deliver excellent service to them all. As a Photographer, how do you go about prioritizing your clients’ needs?

I am in a very fortunate position where I get to choose my clients - if someone comes to me with work and I don't feel I will be able to do it justice, or I feel that it won't be something I'll enjoy doing - I can pass on the job and recommend someone else.

Please tell us, David, about a time you had to be very strategic in order to meet all your top priorities as a Photographer?

I would say early on, when I was trying to discover who I was as a photographer, I was just taking whatever paid and it sort of sucked. I made work that was bad which made me feel bad for the clients. I always put client wants first by giving them the best images possible - so early on it was hard since I really don't know how to do that.

David, please give us an example of a time when you were able to successfully persuade someone to see things your way at work.
I had someone see some proofs a while back and complained about them. I told them that they were to show expression and framing. I sent them a sample image and they realized that I knew what I was talking about. 

This was also a learning opportunity and now do some more advanced edits before sending proofs to get things close to the final product.

David, please tell us about your proudest professional accomplishment as a Photographer. There might be many, but there is always this proudest moment that you just want to share with everyone. What is it and why?
It may be small - but the first time I was approached by a model about them liking my work and then turning them into a client. I love TFP shoots, where it's just pure creativity for some mutual portfolio growth - but I don't have much time for it so I'm limited in the amount I can do. Often times when you tell a model your rates they turn the other cheek - which is fine. but the first time a model actually said "Yes" to that was incredibly validating

David, please give us an example of a time you were able to be creative with your work. What was exciting or difficult about it?
Almost every project I do is creative. But recently I was doing a shoot with a model and wanted to work on getting the shot and moving on. We ended up doing 8 totally different looks in about 2 hours. Incredibly invigorating - Especially since almost every shot was a winner.

What advice would you give to the people who want to be successful as a Photographer?

Fail. I mean that - go out. screw up, fail a lot. Learn from your mistakes. Soon your failures will be more minor. But go out and learn to screw up. Just go out and DO - whether the result is great or not, who cares.

Are you looking for collaboration with fashion talents, brands and creatives? If yes, please state what type of collaboration you are looking for?
Yes! always looking to put together awesome shoots. Things to grab the eye and hold it. Currently looking to work with more fashion brands to showcase beautiful garments

Now for the best part David! Please upload 5-10 photos so we can get to see your work.
Photo Credits:
Cover Image: 
Photographer - David J. Fulde @DaveOverThere
Model - Sarah Hannah @sarhahanna

Photo 1:
Photographer - David J. Fulde @DaveOverThere
Model - Kathryn Jordan @Kayechristmas 

Photo 2: 
Photographer - David J. Fulde @DaveOverThere
Model - Rachel Romu @RachelRomu
MUA - Brianna Bisson @briannabissonmakeup

Photo 3: 
Photographer - David J. Fulde @DaveOverThere
Model - Djazel Santos @therealdjazel
Shot at Studio 311 @studio311.ca

Photo 4:
Photographer - David J. Fulde @DaveOverThere
Model - Shaelynn Kimber @shaelynnkimber
Shot at Studio 311 @studio311.ca

Photo 5: 
Photographer - David J. Fulde @DaveOverThere
Model - Rachel Romu @RachelRomu
MUA - Brianna Bisson @briannabissonmakeup

Photo 6: 
Photographer - David J. Fulde @DaveOverThere
Model - Tafari Anthony @tafarianthony

Photo 7:
Photographer - David J. Fulde @DaveOverThere
Model - Danny Dymond @Dannydymond

Photo 8:
Photographer - David J. Fulde @DaveOverThere
Model - Justin Gray/Fisher-Price @Justintoast


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