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David Cheeseboro


Streetwear model

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Hello Model Citizen, my name is David Cheeseboro, and I’m as streetwear model out of NY. I’m a huge fan of fashion, but I’m a die-hard for streetwear fashion. I want to show the world there’s fashion everywhere not just what’s hot. In this world full of mental health issues, I'm trying to be that massive slice of clarity.

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Being raised by only women, and being a man it's only right we have a sense of style. My mom And sister raised me, but my sister had the bigger impact on my life. She sacrificed being a dress wearing nail wearing girl, to be a tomboy. She got me into sports and into the fashion world. She’s been a big inspiration on all the work that got to where I am today. She was the first girl hype beast I knew before hype beasts were even a thing.

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I want to thank 2 photographers in my friends Jay, and Brandyn. They allowed me to build their portfolio while building mine.