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I was born and raised in Belize Central America and raised by my grandparents that have since passed on. I came to California where I currently reside, and I am an active member of the California Army National Guard. I have a passion for learning and helping others.

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Being raised in Central America, I was often ridiculed for my full nose, dark skin and nappy hair. Often I felt like I was an outcast. So much so, that I attempted suicide. It feels like one day, a light bulb went off, and I suddenly realised that I am intact beautiful. I have come to understand that all the things that people tried to get me to hate about myself (dark skin, broad nose, full lips, nappy hair, being gay) all these things, are what make me the unique individual that I am. I decided to become a model, not just to be seen or for vanity, but to stand for something more. I want those individuals that always felt like they didn't belong and that never fit in to realise that they are perfect exactly the way that they are. Even tho many are beautiful on the outside, the real beauty that comes out on camera, it embedded deep down within.

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