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Mother of a 4 and 5 year old, qualified bioveterinary scientist and part time freelance model. Fashion is not about price tags, but how it makes you feel, and I feel fabulous!!

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Since leaving school I’ve dipped in and out of education. I always believed a true foundation in life was getting good grades and working hard - I got great GCSE’s, went straight to college did 2 years at university and decided to travel. I worked in America for a while but when I came back I finished my degree and then focused on what else I could learn. So I completed level 2/3 dog grooming, opened my own salon and took various other courses to help build my business. As I took every turn in my education fashion was always by my side. Helping me become myself in a way I didn’t have to study for. I would get up and my mood would dictate my outfit and accessories! You can tell how someone feels by what they wear. Bold colours for attention and shades of grey and black for a calmer aura!

My clothes helps with my self esteem, it tells people who I am. For me it’s also an art - I accessorise with bright colours, show skin strategically and master menswear I LOVE A SUIT!!

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