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I have loved fashion ever since I was 12 years old and used to modify my clothes to punch up my style. I am known for my "outfits" and have always prided myself on H2T style! My boutique Babz was my gift to women that have always wanted to take their fashion game to the next level. My dream is to provide the ultimate fashion experience and facilitate women in showcasing their personality through their style.

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My start in life was treacherous. A divorce at 9, suicide attempt at 11 & foster home rotation through adolescence did nothing to prepare me for life. Add to that a line up of drug and behaviour rehab stints and you have your complete disaster of a human being. That being said my story is a story of triumph. I got into a career at age 20 that placed me 20 years later in an executive role where I ran the boardroom in the fastpaced eyecare industry. I managed programs that put me in front of business owners, PhD & MBA level audience. I have overcome my fear so many times, but my most significant leap of faith was walking away from a 6 figure income and a successful career to start over and follow my dream. My passion is sales, marketing and fashion. Since leaving my position as Global Sales Mgr of one of the largest brands in the world, I have launched a digital marketing agency with a focus on creating omnichannel experiences and have finally allowed myself to believe I can live up to my dreams in being a part of the fashion industry. BABZ Boutique is one of my most significant accomplishments. I hope to put a smile on many faces of women from all walks of life and put the confidence they need in their steps to conquer the day!!!

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