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"I believe artists are like athletes. We must practice to have "a good game."

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I am an Actor/Model/Writer and am passionate about inspiring others to become their greatest selves through the gift of storytelling. Whether it be a fictional character, I portray in a film, or through sharing my health journey, overcoming Scoliosis Surgery, I believe artists are here to encourage others that we can be our best selves and achieve our highest dreams if we just believe in ourselves. We should be building each other up, instead of down. Which is why I share encouraging quotes in my modelling photos on Instagram and blog, honestly, about my health journey. That's the beauty of social media, if you use it the RIGHT way. I hope to continue to do great work, and inspire others, as some of my greatest role models have inspired me.

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What are your goals and how do you see yourself progressing in the field Caroline?
I've recently gotten back to my fictional writing. I'm working on a short film and two episodes. My goal is to pitch them to networks and star in them. I'd like to grow my TV credits, as well, and within the next five-ten years, become a household name. I'm also working on reaching out to more print agencies, to expand my commercial print work, as I have a very commercial look.

How do you communicate with people Caroline? Are you patient? Are you friendly? How open are you to clients’ requirements?
I LOVE meeting new people! That's one of my passions in life. I love getting to know the barista at the local coffee shop, the photographer on set, a screenwriter I meet at a networking event, the clerk at my local grocer... Everyone has a story. And human interaction and communication are one of the most beautiful and under-valued things in this world. I think everyone should take more time to stop and say "hello" more.

If you had to do it over again, what would you change Caroline?
I used to say I would have gone to college for Acting, instead of Journalism. But I don't have that regret anymore. I no longer believe in regrets. Everything happens for a reason, and I am where I am today, because of my past experiences. I'm a harder worker and more empathetic artist and soul, now. I don't think I could be as open as I am today, without all that I've experienced and endured.

Who is your hero Caroline, and how have they helped you get to where you are?
My parents. When I told them I was moving out to California to follow my dream, they were sad to see me go, but knew that I had to. They see me struggle and smile. Michael Aronov put it eloquently in his 2017 Tony Acceptance speech, where he said about his parents watching his struggle as an actor: When I am happy, they can breathe. I am forever grateful for their love and support- both with my career and my health.

How important are creative education courses Caroline? Have you taken any, and did you find them useful?
I believe artists are like athletes. We must practice having "a good game". I've been in some great classes with some amazing acting coaches, as well as some not so great classes. I believe in construction criticism. So I advise anyone starting out in the acting or modelling business to find teachers that will inspire you to become greater, not tear you down.

Do you have any tips for someone who is just starting out in the industry?
Ha! I must've known this question was coming! See the above... and also, believe in yourself! Tune out the chatter and follow your gut.

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