Bo Park

"I am passionate about modelling and dancing because when I do these things, I feel like I'm able to break away from all negativity by expressing myself and creating something beautiful."


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I am passionate about modelling and dancing because when I do these things, I feel like I'm able to break away from all negativity by expressing myself and creating something beautiful. I also love that I get to go in and out of different characters and be who I want to be. My goal is to continue to learn and grow as a dancer and model while sharing my craft with others in hopes of inspiring them to be true to themselves and pursue their dreams as well. When people find out that I'm also a popping dancer aside from being a model, they're usually shocked because most models are ballerinas or contemporary dancers, but I love being able to be a bold street dancer while also showing my elegant model side in photographs. I am truly blessed to have been able to learn these forms of arts and couldn't have asked for a better journey so far.

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What are your goals and how do you see yourself progressing in the field Bo?
One of my goals is to eventually become a supermodel. Of course, like everyone else, who wouldn't want to be a supermodel? It seems like one of the most glamourous careers in the world! But for me, becoming a supermodel would be an indication to me that I've put in the hard work and surpassed my limitations. I also love the idea of being able to reach even more people to spread positivity and encouragement to follow their dreams. I'm a firm believer in doing what makes you happy in life and doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals and dreams. Currently, I see myself progressing in the modelling and dance industry by continuing to learn, practice, stay positive, repeat. 

How do you communicate with people Bo? Are you patient? Are you friendly? How open are you to clients’ requirements?
I am all about open communication. I feel like to have successful results; there MUST be open communication, so there is no surprises or drama. I always try to be patient and friendly, even if the other person is not because if you think about it, you never know what the other person has gone through. For all you know, they could've just gone through the worst week of their lives. Of course, it's easy for me to want to reciprocate their negativity but I'm practising refraining from doing that and trying to be more compassionate. I'm generally a flexible person and quite open to clients' requirements. However, if I have an objection, I always vocalize it promptly, so there are no misunderstandings.

If you had to do it over again, what would you change Bo?
If I had to do it over again and could make any changes, I would change my mindset that I had early on. Growing up, I always knew I wanted to be in this industry, but as a Korean-American with immigrant parents, I doubted myself and chose stability over chasing my dreams to satisfy my parents. However, I later found out that my parents were willing to support me with whatever path I chose and it was my own mindset that pushed me back all along. I told myself things like "only 1 in a million makes it in that industry. There's no way I could be that 1." But nowadays, I have moved past that and am working hard to make my dream become a reality every day.

Who is your hero Bo, and how have they helped you get to where you are?
My parents are truly my heroes. I have never seen anyone work as hard as them to provide and get things accomplished. They taught me some of the most important things that I live by, such as having a positive mindset and putting in hard work to get what you desire. It's very cliche, but they really have moulded me into the person I am today and have influenced me more than any celebrity or public figure out there. However, if I were to choose a public figure, it would be J. K. Rowlings. It amazes me that she was a single, depressed mother in her forties but rose to success with her creativity despite the hard times she was in. I also love that she didn't allow age to be a barrier for her.

How important are creative education courses Bo? Have you taken any, and did you find them useful?
Unfortunately, I have never taken any creative education courses. However, I feel that they are extremely important and more people should take them! Although I didn't take formal creative classes, I was fortunate enough to practice my creative side by going to some dance classes and street dancing with my friends. Creativity is such a vital part of our existence. Everything that surrounds us today was made possible due to someone's creativity, and I think that's just beautiful.

Do you have any tips for someone who is just starting out in the industry?
To put it shortly, I would tell them to believe in themselves 200%. You can tell when someone is unsure of themselves, which makes it harder for other people to be sure of them and their talents. Believe in yourself and practice practice practice!

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