Austin Harter

"I aim challenge myself to become better than I am and to work with creatives to make beautiful, exciting images."

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United States

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North Carolina and Virginia

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I like to think of myself as a story teller working in the medium of photography and film. Collaborating with other creatives to produce beautiful images that mean something and challenge us is what it's all about. That's my bread and butter. That's what I live for.

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What are your goals and how do you see yourself progressing in the field Austin?
Honestly, my goals are simple. I aim challenge myself to become better than I am and to work with creatives to make beautiful, exciting images.

How do you communicate with people Austin? Are you patient? Are you friendly? How open are you to clients’ requirements?
I've been told that I'm incredibly patient. Inside, I'm biting at the bit to get to the final image, but that's only because I really love what I do. I love the process more so than the end result. I love collaborating with others. So I'm naturally open to suggestions.

If you had to do it over again, what would you change Austin?
That's a loaded question. At first I might think I would change simple things like pursuing this lifestyle sooner. Or taking more risks with my work. But honestly, I'm not sure that I would be where I am now. Sure it has taken "longer", but my experiences made me who I am now.

Who is your hero Austin, and how have they helped you get to where you are?
My dad is my biggest hero. He taught me so much about my creative lifestyle. He taught me to dream, to take the risk of going into this field, and more importantly, he taught me the beauty of a creative life.

How important are creative education courses Austin? Have you taken any, and did you find them useful?
I take courses all the time. As my dad has said, we're never a finished product. The world is in a constant state of flux and as creatives we have the opportunity to be at the forefront of that change. In order to do that, I feel we have continue to educate ourselves and learn from others. Otherwise we'll fade away. Plus, it sparks new paths of creativity.

Do you have any tips for someone who is just starting out in the industry?
The only thing I can suggest is to make work for yourself. Get off your butt and creative. If you're not willing to pay yourself, then no one else will. Make work every chance you can, even when you don't want to. Especially when you don't want to.

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@thebrandingax, @nonoclays, @quethestylist