Atok Paule Francisque

"I wholeheartedly wish to participate in the life of the human community, to contribute to causes, to be a bridge between the needy and solidarity projects in the street where I could show my expertise and share my experiences."

Name: Atok Paule francisque

Location: Paris -France



Profession: Model

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Tell us something about yourself. What you do, passion and aspiration in life?: My name is Paule franchise Atok, I am 26 years old 1m 81 for 59 kilos, of Cameroonian nationality and living in France.

I am an independent woman and inhabited by a crazy passion for Fashion and her world in which I have entered into an international model for five years, with exaltation.Posing or scrolling are permanent challenges for me so much I wish to give the best of myself and walk in the wake of the known and recognised black mannequins. All this concurs with what I am and my personality.I love people, and during the catwalk, I think of all the hands by which the clothes we wear are passed and wishes to pay tribute to the hard work defeated by all those who contribute to magnify the collections.Moreover, I do not sulk my pleasure in front of a game of volley ball, sport that I had to practice for 06 years on a national level. I love the contagious energy that radiates during this team sport.

Who is your inspiration in life? How do you keep inspired?: Alongside my family, which is my main source of inspiration, I am nourished by all the life experiences of elders who have proved themselves especially in the field of fashion.

What is your aspiration in life?: I wholeheartedly wish to participate in the life of the human community, to contribute to causes, to be a bridge between the needy and solidarity projects in the street where I could show my expertise and share my experiences. I want to make false the bugle of 'everyone for oneself', to show that we can start from nothing and achieve the most unsuspected goals.

What is the most challenging part of your profession?: The management of human relations in the world of fashion is a true journey of combatant. Respect, tolerance and acceptance are not the most shared things making it difficult to live together.

We all make mistakes we wish we could take back. Tell me about a time you wish you’d handled a situation differently with a colleague.: (Laugh) then I say... I was hard once with a very capricious colleague who disapproved of the choice of the outfits that the stylist was assigned to him and was change three Rob insistently We were all under the pressure of the imminent parade and my colleague relentlessly not. So exasperated,I yelled at her telling her "look a mannequin doesn't have a choice in what concerns the outfits, it's take it or leave". With hindsight, I admit that I ran out of delicacy. Demonstrate understanding and more indulgence. Put it in trust advice rather than let my emotions take over. I apologized at the end of the parade... She smiled and said thank you it was beneficial (laugh).But I was upset and confused, not very proud of me.

When you’re working with a large number of customers, it’s tricky to deliver excellent service to them all. How do you go about prioritising your customers’ needs?: Usually, the first contact for me is paramount, because it is to her that we can detect the desires and needs of each customer to the interaction of ideas and the Organization of projects in their priority.Communication with the client is essential and ubiquitous. It is to be on the same wavelength while being sensitive to the objectives to be achieved and the means put in place to do this perfectly in line with the wishes of each client.

Tell me about a time you had to be very strategic to meet all your top priorities.: I Remember one of these horrible days where I had to, almost at the same time, do a shoot scheduled with a renowned stylist, attend a professional maintenance and participate in a catwalk Then it took me to be very speed, organised and persuasive. It was really complicated, but I was able to catch the blow with almost five minutes late to each of you make. The dialogue has prevailed, my interlocutors have been great and have demonstrated understanding and flexibility, and everyone was satisfied.It is with satisfaction that evening you come home all exhausted after such a day, proud to have assured and fulfilled all the commitments.

Give me an example of a time when you were able to successfully persuade someone to see things your way at work.: I think it's to happen only once on a photo project that I had imagined. For the shoot, I had to convince the photographer to follow my vision and not his that he was better suited to my profile. The professional he was struggled to let go, but at the end of the third shooting he trusted me, and we got good results.

Tell me about your proudest professional accomplishment.: Mainly be left nothing to happen to build me a personality in the world of fashion. With determination, work and dedication, have been able to brave all obstacles and challenges of integration, of transcendence for today to be on the international catwalks and Muse of several brands It's a professional achievement that I am very proud today.

How old do you have to be before it can be said you died of old age?: (Laughs) 103 year But really I don't know

If parents say, “Never take candy from strangers” then why do we celebrate Halloween?: I think that Halloween is a way to reconcile with society, with people It's buried negative ideas that everyone can have towards others. Distrust leads parents to be very protective, and also it influences the idea that we have of our pro she.That said without knowing the other one is more apt to judge him so that if we took a time either, a minute to try to understand and would conclude that our next maybe a good ally. Halloween is a way to open ourselves to others. Just with a doorbell, a smile and candy you can make the views and make the other happy.

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