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New South Wales, Australia


I am an actor, model, writer, Mrs Rising Star in the 2018 Miss of Australia Pageant and mom extraordinaire of 4.

My goal in life is to be a role model of strength, courage, and grit for my children and women. I share my story of being a Vietnamese refugee through inspirational presentations and am working on completing my memoirs.

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I am a Vietnamese refugee. My family fled Saigon on April 29, 1975 - the day before the Communists took the country. We were one of the last refugees airlifted out that day. For seven days and nights, we were crammed on a US Merchant Marine ship along with almost 7,000 other refugees. With only one teaspoon of rice a day to eat, I suffered from extreme hunger and thirst, heat exhaustion, and fever. If it weren't for the kindness and compassion of a passing Marine who gave me some medicine, water and his rations for the day, I would have died.

As the first Vietnamese refugee family to settle in Wichita, Kansas - we underwent many struggles (homelessness, financial hardship, culture shock, and racism) as I grew up. Even though the adversities of my youth, my proudest academic achievements include a Bachelor's and Master's degree in International Affairs.

All of the challenges I faced growing up has made me grateful for my life today. A life of freedom - free from hunger, free from tyranny and free to make my own choices. I am a beacon of perseverance, hope and success.

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