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My name is Alyssa Fantino, and I've wanted to be a singer since I was 9. I was born in Staten Island NY, and I had a very rough childhood. I started performing in High School after I moved to Florida in a class called RockBand, and my passion for singing only became stronger. Along my journey to be a singer I fell in love with taking pictures and modelling as well. I hope my music can inspire others to chase their dreams, defy the odds, and find the strength within themselves to leave toxic relationships.

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Growing up on Staten Island, I had a hard life. My parents were addicted to drugs, and they had to sign away their rights to my grandmother because they were unfit to take care of me. For the majority of my preteen years, I lived with my grandmother, but she was very ill and eventually died of cancer. At this point, no one could take me, so I had no choice but to move to Florida to live with my aunt. My aunt was a mean woman, she treated me like a burden and would tell me how much my parents didn't care about me.

Meanwhile, my mother was trying to get clean to take me back. My aunt refused to let me leave the house unless I was going to school so I found music as a way to pass the time until I'd be free at age 18. In high school, I was in the MCCA program for the arts and got to express my talent by performing for school events. I ended up falling in love with a boy and having a 3-year long toxic relationship which inspired me to write my first ever published song Rubber Band Romance. In college, the boy put down my dreams of being a singer and told me to pick something more "realistic" so I decided to become a model (for him) but ended up liking it anyways. At the very end of all this I was invited by a friend to be a part of a model show, which magically turned into a music performance and I was able to get my song into a studio and record It. I'm no longer with the boy who destroyed my dreams and broke my heart by my passion for singing and modelling still burns within me.

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