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Alexia Clarke


Model and Dancer, Business Woman, Fashion Curator

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I dare to express, whether through dance, writing music, or modelling. My body is the only tool I have to express myself, and thus I do so to spread wellness and love. Sometimes we find it hard to connect with others due to the hardships we experience in life; I want to show people how easy it is and how great it feels knowing you've made someone smile without having any evidence of it. My passion is me and to find yours I give you this tip: look within yourself, your pain and experiences. Somewhere in that mess is a void you want to fill, but how are you going to do it? As a part-time private dance teacher/choreographer, confidence coach, and songwriter, I say: Create. For anyone who consumes your passion will feel it too.

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Like many, I am a survivor of abuse. Whether emotional, physical, of self or others. And like many others, I had to find a way to overcome this. I speak for everyone when I say it is not easy. You have constant reminders of what you've gone through. You get flashbacks and the mental processing of what you should have or could have done better. We often look to others on social media or these so-called "friends" of ours for support, but they cannot help because the truth is that they aren't the best of friends no matter what light you shine on them. Your best friend is yourself, and we must look within and find the strength to persevere. If we don't, we will not. Modelling has exposed me situations that I'm continuing to learn from; however, I am incredibly thankful to say I am on the pathway of growth. I don't need an agent, and I don't need any so-called friends. Just me and the lens that sees me for who I am.

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@studiospec on Photography, on Hair, @makeup.kayo as MUA - second set with @mirrorless_productions on photography