Alexandra De Vita

"I love wearing couture and the newest styles when I model, and I feel happy doing so. I always wanted to model and act."


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De Vita

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United States

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I love wearing couture and the newest styles when I model, and I feel happy doing so. I always wanted to model and act.

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What are your goals and how do you see yourself progressing in the field Alexandra?
I would love to get published in many magazines. I would also like to get hired by famous or the trendiest fashion designers

How do you communicate with people Alexandra? Are you patient? Are you friendly? How open are you to clients’ requirements?
I am friendly, and I never give clients a bad attitude. I am professional, polite, and patient. 

If you had to do it over again, what would you change Alexandra?
I would start modelling and acting at a younger age. Back then I was more focused on sports. 

Who is your hero Alexandra, and how have they helped you get to where you are?
My mom and dad are my heroes. They support me in everything I do and they my biggest cheerleaders. 

How important are creative education courses Alexandra? Have you taken any, and did you find them useful?
I find creative education courses very important; I'm always eager to learn new things. I take any available courses at the modelling and talent agency. 

Do you have any tips for someone who is just starting out in the industry?
Don't give up! If this is truly your dream, work hard, never stop learning, stay positive, and have a good attitude. 

Please add any photo credits for the photos you uploaded so that everybody can get recognised.
Various photographers
Manny Dhaliwal @icemancometh
Photographer Terry Turner
Photographer Loanna Mitchell
Photographer Brian Heard @ Second Shot Photography
Photographer Sirrah Lore
Photographer Hugo Zapata

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