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I am a 13-yeard old model and influencer based in Sydney, Australia. During my relatively short career of only a year and a half, I have been featured in selected teen fashion catalogues, magazines and TV/Disney commercials. In addition to my modelling career I am passionate about swimming and surfing. I am also a robust anti-bullying activist. I have joined forces with my local charity, Angels Hope, in raising much-needed awareness on teen bullying.

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Hi, my story is straightforward. On the suggestion of my mum, I joined the local modelling agency, Star Fish Kids. This was at the beginning of 2017. At this time, I was already a clothing size 12 hence I did not quite fit the mainstream market for kids fashion. (I was told that I needed to be size 10 to be selected for various fashion shoots and catalogues) However, despite all this, I was fortunate enough to get few jobs within the fashion, media and TVC. My advice to anyone wishing to embark on the career of becoming a model is to join a reputable local modelling agency and at the same time to start their official Instagram account. Instagram has turned out to be a perfect tool for the promotion of my brand and industry networking. At this point of time, I am too young to be an adult model and to 'big' to be a kid model, so I am mainly engaged in the influencer side of work, which is still quite interesting and rewarding. The most important thing I have learnt over this brief period is to stay humble and to appreciate simple things in life such as spending time with my friends from school and my family. There were some unpleasant experiences along the way, such as bullying, which I have experienced from all sides of life (media and the school) but these have been resolved, and I am fortunate enough to say that I am now in a strong position to help others who are going through a similarly tough time. I'd say to anyone: 'Believe in yourself and do what you like doing'. Hope this story has been interesting reading for some of you.:)

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