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Firstly Agnes, how would you best describe yourself?

Agnes. Tell us ABOUT yourself. 
I have over 10 years photography experience. However, it was not till 2013 when I got seriously interested in model and portrait photography. Learning the studio and artificial lighting skills became critical to my professional development and I decided to complete a formal course in photography to add skills which I needed. At the beginning of this year, I completed a course in Professional Photography at New York Institute of Photography. I got top marks for my portrait and lighting skills. 
The success in course was backed up by hours of photoshoots with models and event coverage. My work thus far included some contract work with BizMedia. 
I try to create images that show a character of the person I photograph not just their appearance. The way I achieve that is to take some time to get to know the person I am working with, while I am getting some test shots done. I am good at establishing an interaction with the person on the other side of the camera. A great photograph is the one that communicates with the audience. 
I am Virginia-based portrait and fashion photographer and I love a challenge. 
Agnes Caruso specializes in
•    Corporate & Actor Headshots
•    Portraits
•    Fashion and Editorial


Our readers would love to get to know you more Agnes. Tell us about yourself, what is unique about you?

Before starting photography, I went to Arts School for a few years, and learned drawing and painting. I was inspired by Claude Monet and other impressionist artists. In photography, I love showing off uniqueness of my subject. Sometimes it is easy, sometimes it is hard but I enjoy the way to get there.

Agnes, what are your passion and aspiration in life? How did you start as a Photographer?

I started as an amateur photographer focusing on nature and landscapes. Living in Australia made it an easy choice, everything was exciting and exotic. However, the first photoshoot with models made me realize that working with people is even more fascinating. Now as a freelance photographer I continued to focus on portraiture, headshots and fashion. 
My passion is to create something unique, lasting and inspiring others. Photographing people is an adventure, a challenge and lots of fun. 
My future aspiration is to be able to photograph some amazing people in some great destinations. And they do not have to be famous people. Everyone can be made to look like a star and feel like one. This is the part of portraiture I love doing, creating a star out of the person in front of the camera.

Who is your inspiration in life Agnes? How do you keep inspired?

Keeping inspired is important. I love looking at images created by others, travel to discover new things and experience nature. 
Claude Monet is a constant source of inspiration, his ability to convey more than just an image with his paintings is something I would love to achieve with my photography. 

We all make mistakes Agnes, we wish we could take back. Please tell us about a time being a Photographer , you wish you’d handled a situation differently with a colleague.
As a photographer, so far I have not really run into a difficult situation with a colleague. 

Agnes ,when you’re working with a large number of clients, it’s tricky to deliver excellent service to them all. As a Photographer, how do you go about prioritizing your clients’ needs?

It is important to understand their time requirements, schedules and their exact needs. Not knowing those things wastes lots of time, which can be spend on working with other clients. 
I ask clear questions on timing, scheduling and requirements. Not always getting a straight answer can be a problem. However, I try to prioritize based on timings and needs, as those are critical parts of each assignment. 

Please tell us Agnes, about a time you had to be very strategic in order to meet all your top priorities as a Photographer?

I was shooting a memorial service. While weddings are easy and people want to be photographed and are mostly happy, this was not a happy occasion. I wanted to get the memorable shots that meant a lot to the family but at the same time did not intrude on their moments of reflection and sadness. The use of lens, location from which I was shooting and angles were all strategic and important. I wanted to capture real feelings and moments with respect, without sticking a lens into someone's face. The aim of the project was to create something truly memorable, reflecting the feelings of people involved in the service.

Agnes, please give us an example of a time when you were able to successfully persuade someone to see things your way at work.
I was working on an assignment for my course and had to create an environmental portrait. Easy task, you say. Sure, but not when your subject has no idea what that means. I asked them about their interests and came up with an idea. Convincing them about how to do it was the hard part. Image had to be simple, clean and conveying the message. 

Agnes please tell us about your proudest professional accomplishment as a Photographer. There might be many, but there is always this proudest moment that you just want to share to everyone. What is it and why?
I would say it would have to be the first solo photoshoot outdoors. When you are shadowing someone or working with a group of peers things are easier. When the only people there is your model and you, it suddenly feels hard. Being able to pick locations, direct the posing, select the right lens and angle to capture what you imagine in your head was challenging. We managed to get it done in time and got some beautiful shots. I was proud of completing the shoot and learned a whole lot from it.

Agnes, please give us an example of a time you were able to be creative with your work. What was exciting or difficult about it?
There were a few really creative moments. I think the most memorable was posing two models together. It was on my very first photoshoot and I had to come up with a creative way to photograph two models together. The difficulties were rain and the fact it was my first time working with models. The exciting part was that I had no creative restrictions what I want to do, so it was all up to me how to get them together in order to convey something. Among others we did a series of photos showing their different interactions with each other. It was real fun.

What advice would you give to the people who wants to be successful as a Photographer?

Do not be scared of anything, embrace challenges as they come. Bad weather, poor light, low battery, no flash, your eye is still there. Look at a lot of other photographs, try to really see what is in them. Subject of a photograph might not be exciting but being a photographer does not always mean you can pick your subject. You need to show it the best you can, creatively and beautifully.

Are you looking for collaboration with fashion talents, brands and creatives? If yes, please state below what type of collaboration you are looking for?
I would love to collaborate with young fashion designers and models to show if their skills in a creative way. Working together with others on how to best showcase the new fashion designs or modeling skills is something that I would love to do more of as a photographer.
Being able to work with brands on developing a campaign for new fashion designs would be very exciting. Visual presentation of an idea which is in the head of a creative director can be a challenging task but I want to push my skills to the limit to create perfect images. 

Now for the best part Agnes! Please upload 5-10 photos so we can get to see your work.
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