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A cardiologist who can shoot the photo

Achirawin, what are your passion and aspiration in life? How did you start as Photographer?

Nothing can have an ability to stop the moment except photography. There are many precious moments in our life which we can beautifully capture them into our photo.

Who is your inspiration in life Achirawin? How do you stay inspired as a Photographer?

My fiance’© and also my mom. To live and to share my life with them is my most precious gift. So I want to capture most of these precious memories.

We all make mistakes Achirawin; we wish we could take back. What was the mistake you made in the past that you wish you can take back?

My answer is no. Either good and bad, mistake or achievements those made me who I'm now.

Achirawin, How do you describe yourself in terms of working with clients?

Discipline, optimistic and humble.

Please tell us Achirawin, how do you prioritise work, social life, friends, and family?

Family always come first. Friend and work can be balanced, but when I need to choose, I always shoot family.

Achirawin, please give us an example of a time when you were able to persuade someone to see things your way at work successfully.

I have my blog and also IG which I post my travel and my fiance’©'s portraits. 

These started from all of my co-worker and my friend request. They want to look at the story/place/person I have been with through my picture. 

That makes me feel the very thrill.

Achirawin, please tell us about your proudest professional accomplishment as a Photographer.

I have some invitations to shoot our local model/stars.

Achirawin, please give us an example of a time you were able to be creative with your work. What was exciting or difficult about it?

After my regular work (cardiologist) the time I spent after that are to be creative and give my mind a rest from logically think world to boundless world of photography.

What advice would you give to the people who want to be successful as a Photographer?

Shoot, learn, repeat.

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