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I am currently a senior in high school just applying to universities. I am hoping to be accepted to Purdue Universities Engineering College. Dance, music and fashion are a passion. I love dressing up with my girlfriend to do a photoshoot. We always have a blast.

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The week before my freshman year of high school began, I was life lined to Riley Children's Hospital with a severe concussion and skull fracture. Up to that point, I lived to wrestle; I was the captain of the wrestling team. I don't remember anything about my accident or the days in the hospital, but I remember the days and months following. During that time I couldn't be in the light, it hurt too much. I couldn't walk, read, watch tv or be on any electronics. It took months to recover and over a year before my cognitive skills were back to somewhat normal. After the accident, I was told I would never wrestle again, or do any contact sports for that matter. I was devastated. After searching and trying all sorts of other activities, I was asked to perform with the local dance studio in the Nutcracker. We live in the middle of Indiana in a small country town. There are no male dancers in the studio. This will be my third year performing as the Nutcracker. I now do ballet and hip hop full time. The other students at the school have been brutal with their bullying. Calling me gay or a player, neither of which bother me. My mother told me years ago, "You can get real comfortable in your own skin right now and be who you are, or you can spend the rest of your life trying to be something you're not just to fit in. Which will it be." The girls in my dance studio are amazing! They have become family. I just submitted my application to several engineering schools and will graduate high school with both an academic honour and a technical degree. Today I don't regret the accident or the inability to wrestle. I thank God for the opportunity to become a stronger happier person.

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Photographer- Michelle Hensley Female Model Savannah Palmer

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