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He is a person who can give me an answer if he expresses me in a word.

Yes, I have always found out what I can only see to be a model through speculation and loneliness, and fashion has also tried to reveal my way.

Although my height is small, I have changed all of my life through the dream of being a model, and it is still evolving.

Your Story

I was unrelated to the model. The face was too big, and the body was not so pretty, so the clothes did not fit at all.

Then one day, I met a friend and wanted to get acquainted with the friend of the friend. I knew he was a friend who was modelling in Thailand. From then on I decided to become a model. Although I was an individual unit soldier in Korea at this time, I started to change parts of my life, one by one, to become a model. As a result, I have become a street fashion model that can now be seen only by myself, listening to the model that anyone can understand. Although I am not official and my agency does not have it, I think my view is bright.

I have many stories to tell you, and there are too many stories to tell. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is the whole of my life as a model for me. But I want to consider your concentration. I want to draw your curiosity as a curious story, not a boring story.

p. S I am very sorry that I did not have enough English writing skills to write a Google Translator. I will improve my English skills as soon as possible.