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Teacher, model, content creator

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My messages and views are to look in the beauty of life no matter how bad it may seem. Being grateful and appreciating every gesture and aspect of life, the world would be amazing in everyone’s eyes. Negativity is best prevented as it doesn’t do any useful value to anyone.

I am Miss HK Star 2018 winner for talents/ Influencers of Hk. I’m a full-time primary school teacher. I was in the UK Tulip Model Agency and was Miss Glamour 2013.

I enjoy and find it fulfilling to capture great pictures of the moment. To share and inspire others.

Your Story

When my younger sister would not stop crying every time my godmother dropped us off and left us at Montessori preschool. My little sister cried every time that happened because our mother left abruptly one day without a good-bye, and she thought our godmother would do the same. After weeks of her crying episodes, I thought of a way to calm her down. As she was about to come down the slide, she looked at my godmother leaving the front gates of the school. I waited for her at the bottom of the slide, and I could sense that she was about to burst into tears. As she slid down crying, I told her to come to me. I hugged her and said “She isn’t leaving us. She’s going to come back and pick us up after school... like she always does.” Suddenly, to my amazement, she stopped crying and nodded her head in acceptance of my explanation of the situation. From that day on, she never cried again after my godmother dropped us off. That is the moment I discovered the power of teaching. It affected how my sister perceived the situation, and later in life, I will come to understand that it has the potential to change how people see the world. I stayed strong for my sister as then our father passed away when we were children. My sister felt abandoned by both parents, but I would look in the light of things that we had people who loved us, we create our paths, and only we can choose to be happy or not. I decided to make my sister happy first then as I grew older I decided to make myself happy by doing what I love even though people may think I’m always busy.

Throughout my adolescent years, I took up the responsibility to teach underprivileged children and as a private tutor in Art, English, French, Liberal Studies, Computer Science and Mathematics. I was also a Sunday school teacher at St. Teresa’s Church where I felt hugely humbled to be a part of little children’s spiritual growth.

This made me the person I am today. I embrace all the challenges that come towards me with empathy.

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