Christopher Thomas Schroeder

Christopher Thomas Schroeder

Christopher Thomas Schroeder


Model, Actor, Filmmaker, College Student

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@PrimeTimeChriz and

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Winona MN, USA


I am an aspiring actor, model and filmmaker; I love to act and edit videos! I want to and avidly work on my passion and make that my living. I want to use my talents to get me up high enough and then to use that to save homeless animals, humans and mainly solve REAL WORLD PROBLEMS.

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I went through adoption at age 7. Before that, I was abused, beat up and moved from birth family to foster families multiple times. I was bullied in middle school, overcame that by playing sports and working out. I did football, basketball and track in high school, played college football for two years and this summer I quit that to focus on my career and passions in life which is acting and modelling!

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My Friends Elky and Shaye **Shooting with more people now that my movie came out and is done!!